Concrete research centre offers


  • Testing of concrete samples. Compressive and bending strength of concrete is being tested, as well as water resistance, freeze resistance and wear resistance.
  • We develop and test concrete compositions under laboratory conditions, testing various chemical concrete additions (plasticizers, air attractors, retarders etc.) 
  • Testing of characteristics of the main concrete components, first of all, fine and coarse fillers.


All testing methods comply with the requirements of both EN, and LVS standards.

Our main taskquality assurance of the products produced by the structural units of MB Betons group by regular testing of samples of each structural unit of MB Betons group and analysis of results thereof, as well as the development of recommendation for the quality improvements.

Concrete research centre​ provides various professional consultations in the field of concrete technologies, a survey of concreted objects and application of non-destructive strength control methods at sites. 

The task of Concrete research centre– improvement of professional knowledge of the technical personnel (concrete hub operators, laboratory and quality specialists) of MB Betons group providing regular training both individually and seminars.

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